0x Developer Meeting 1/29/18


The first 0x monthly developer ecosystem meeting will be held on 1/29/18 at 12:30pm PT. A meeting will be held every 4 weeks, starting from this date.

Meeting Agenda

  1. ZEIPs on track for v2
  1. ZEIPs still being debated
  1. Other likely v2 inclusions
  1. Other protocol questions and requests

  2. Developer tools questions and requests

Meeting Notes

(courtesy of @tvhiggins)

Meeting Recording

  • Due to issues with recording video, only audio was recorded for this meeting. The audio can be found here and will be transcribed and posted later.

Feel free to request topics that you would like to see discussed during the meeting. The agenda will be updated a few days before the meeting, so make sure to check back!


I suggest adding ZEIP 1 to the agenda.


Is this meeting going to be live streamed? I’d like to hear about the feasibility of implementing fee splitting (ZEIP 12) in v2 as I think this is key to incentivising relayers to share their order books thus creating more liquidity and network effects. Also what is the current timeline for v2 if there is any?


Added ZEIP 1 and 12 to the agenda.

The meeting will not be live streamed, but it will be recorded and posted later. We’re targeting mid-late Q2 for a v2 release.


Here’s a link to a transcript


Thanks you @tvhiggins! I know it’s not done yet, but I’ll add it to the original post. Sure beats our automated one :slight_smile: