0x Developer Meeting 10/01/18


The ninth 0x monthly developer ecosystem meeting will be held on 10/01/18 at 12:30pm PT.

Meeting Agenda

  • Nuances of matchOrders (and solutions)
  • A new matching model for relayers
  • Proposals and requests for v2 extensions

Meeting slides


Was this meeting recorded? I couldn’t make it today.


It wasn’t recorded. The main takeaways:

  • We will write a wrapper contract that allows an order matcher to take a spread in both tokens (by calling matchOrders followed by fillOrder
  • There was some interest in adding a proxy that supports ENS names, although this is likely not possible. If not, we should be able to write an ENS token wrapper (probably ERC721)
  • No other specific requests at the meeting, many relayers are still transitioning to v2
  • Relayers and other web apps should be aware of upcoming changes to Metamask with EIP1102