0x Developer Meeting 10/22/18


The tenth 0x monthly developer ecosystem meeting will be held here on 10/22/18 at 12:30pm PT.

Meeting Agenda

  • Protocol updates
    • Status of OrderMatcher contract
    • Updates to Forwarder contract
    • Addition of CHANGELOGs to contracts package
    • ensnifty.com implementation of ERC721-wrapped ENS names
    • Adding 0x transactions to SRA
    • Plans for initial TEC implementation
    • Standard interface for sender contracts
    • Constantinople hard fork delayed
  • Dev tool updates
    • @0x NPM namespace
    • 0x.js 2.0.0 changes
    • Python packages
    • New packages
      • @0x/asset-buyer
      • @0x/contract-addresses
      • @0x/contract-artifacts


Cool does everyone get to go?


@AdamIam I updated the original post with the meeting link. Any developers are welcome to attend.


Wheres the meeting going to be sir?


Thank you very much for respond so fast.