0x Developer Meeting 2018-12-03


The 11th 0x monthly developer ecosystem meeting will be held here on 12/03/18 at 12:30pm PT.

Meeting Agenda

  • Protocol updates

    • MultiAssetProxy
    • ERC1155 support
    • Dutch auction contract
    • Adding extensions implemented as AssetProxy contracts
    • Contracts package restructure
      • Individual contracts will be publicly available as NPM packages, as well as the contract artifacts and wrappers
  • Dev tool updates

    • 0x LaunchKit
    • New ABI encoder/decoder
      • De-dups dynamic data, saving gas
    • 0x-order-utils.py published
      • Docs
      • Working on adding ABIv2 support to web3.py
    • Contracts deployed on Rinkeby
    • Working on a DeFi Ganache snapshot

It would be nice to add calendar link which includes all the details. Will make it easier to add to calendar for future meeting. I forget the meeting when announced if I don’t add to my calendar.

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@PhABC I created a public calendar with the meetings on it. You can copy them from there to your own calendar. I’ll also send this link out in the reminder emails.