0x Developer Meeting 8/27/18


The eight 0x monthly developer ecosystem meeting will be held on 8/27/18 at 12:30pm PT.

Meeting Agenda

  • V2 updates
    • timeline
    • Removal of SignatureType.Caller
    • Removal of SignatureType.Trezor
    • Explicitly use STATICCALL in SignatureType.Wallet and SignatureType.Validator
    • Explicitly protect against malicious token reentrancy with mutexes
  • Breaking changes to 0x.js public interface

Meeting slides


As a clarification - the removal of the Trezor SignatureType is not to cancel Trezor support for v2. It is because the latest Trezor firmware standardized their ECSignature so that it’s now equivalent to the Ledger’s signature. This means there is no longer a need for a special-case signature for Trezor support.


Cool! Looking forward to popping in.