Failed to execute Order

Hello, I just try to use intant 0x API and cutomize the AssetMetaDataMap like this:
const additionalAssetMetaDataMap = { '0xf47261b00000000000000000000000008cbc6d8e11a9cb59922278321e0e61dfabc0d9f4': { assetProxyId: zeroExInstant.ERC20_PROXY_ID, decimals: 2, symbol: 'kopi', name: 'KOPI', primaryColor: '#d64949', // Optional iconUrl: '', // Optional }, };

and the relayer provider to Bamboo Relay:
orderSource: '',

I try other token success to get confirm to MetaMask but for ZIL, DXG and KOPI failed with message on console like this:
MetaMask - RPC Error: gas required exceeds allowance (9957828) or always failing transaction

Anyone can help me please? Thank you.

Hi @arnezt :wave: this forum is primarily for research & technical discussion. We’re not actively responding to dev support questions here. Please join our official Discord server someone from the team or community would be happy to help you out. See you there!