Getting "Tokens Unavailable" in instant

I have deployed both 0x-launch-kit-backend and 0x-launch-kit-frontend in my local system
I can able to create a sell order. It is listed in orders
I am running things in Ropsten Testnet

In 0X Instant Html code . I replace my relayer URL in orderSource and mention networkId:3

I can get values in record in asset_pairs api

While run instant in-browser got “Tokens Unavailable”.

Thanks in advance
Sorry for my bad English

0x Instant doesn’t have Ropsten testnet tokens as a default. Only Mainnet and Kovan.

You can add additional asset data to Instant in these cases:

    orderSource: RELAYER_URL,
    additionalAssetMetaDataMap: {
        '0xf47261b0000000000000000000000000744d70fdbe2bc4cf95131626614a1764df805b9e': {
            assetProxyId: '0xf47261b0', // ERC20 Proxy Id
            decimals: 18,
            primaryColor: '#F2F7FF', // Optional
            symbol: 'XXX',
            name: 'My Custom Token'