Help with sandbox app filling an order from a different account that created the order



I’m investigating the code docs and playing around with the dev sandbox (setup at codesandbox I loaded the app in Kovan and was able to get the app to dispense ETH and ZRX (verified on and create WETH. I was also able to sign a “Create” and “Fill” order from the same account. However, if I sign a “Create” order with one account, I cannot Fill that order with another different account. There is an error: “Error: VM execution error.”

From my understanding of the code, it should be possible to do this. Am I wrong? Is there a bug or am I using this incorrectly?



Hey Freak,

Apologies for the delay, didn’t get a notification of this forum post. Does the account you switched to have an allowance and balance of the tokens being traded?


Hi dekz,

Yes, the second account has funds.

Here’s a screenshot from the second account. The order was created with maker token amountt of 0.1 ZRX and taker amount of 0.1 WETH


Sorry, new accounts can only post 1 image at a time. Here’s the create order.

Creating the order from acct #1


And the error:



You need to set the allowances to the transfer proxy. See those little Lock icons. If you click those for the tokens you wish to trade (for both maker and taker) that should help with your errors.


Thanks. That did it. I should really just read the instructions =P