Implementing EIP 712 with metamask


Hi guys, I’m trying to build a smaller relayer using v2 specifications. I noticed that the new getOrderHashHex function is now using EIP 712, which merge the domainSeparator, EIP191Prefix kind of stuff into the orderHash, and under the ecSignOrderHashAsync function we’re still using original eth_sign method to sign the orderHash directly.
My question is, it seems like metamask is also supporting EIP712(eth_signTypedData), is there a way to show the data the user is signing on the popup? it seems kind of pointless if I encode all the data with EIP712 protocol but can’t actually show it to our end user on the metamask popup.


Metamask has just merged EIP712 support in the last 24 hours. It should make its way out to users soon.


@antoncoding we’ve added support for calling eth_signTypedData via Metamask recently. See this forum post for more detail: Release: 0x.js 2.0.0 Things you need to know