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Our chat is monitored by the team and is the best place to reach out for any issues you experience.

  • Developer communication with the 0x Team:

    • The 0x core team actively answers questions in our public Discord channels: https://link.0x.org/Discord

    • Sign up for the Developer Updates Email List to get important updates: http://eepurl.com/dx4cPf

    • Follow 0x’s medium to get Development updates every month: https://blog.0xproject.com

    • Live Developer Calls are open to everyone, held once a month, recorded, and posted on youtube. Sign up for the Developer email list to get notified about these calls.

  • 0x Ready-to-use Products: Get up and running in 5 minutes

    • 0x Instant: A free and flexible way to offer simple crypto purchasing in any app or website: https://0x.org/instant

    • 0x Launch Kit: Launch a 0x relayer in less than a minute: https://0x.org/launch-kit

    • 0x Launch Kit Front-end: Coming soon

  • 0x Custom Tooling & Documentation:

    • 0x has built a huge set of developer tools to make building on 0x as easy as possible. This wiki will explain 0x’s protocol & dev tools in detail to help you get started building a custom integration with 0x: https://0x.org/wiki

    • If you want to jump right into a custom build and you like code examples, check out this starter project: https://github.com/0xProject/0x-starter-project

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So, is monthly developer ecosystem call sent as a calendar invite to whoever is on this list?


No the monthly developer ecosystem is public and posted a week before. Would love to have you join us tomorrow.


Yeah, I have an invite thanks! I’m trying to figure out how I’m getting it, and what others need to do to get invited.