Signature Type as an EIP standard

Hey all, we’re looking at how WalletConnect DApps can know when a signature was signed on behalf of a wallet contract by its owner address (so that a DApp can verify a signature accordingly via EIP-1271). Looking at solutions, we noticed that 0x uses a “Signature Type” byte appended to the end of a signature to inform the 0x contracts how the signature was signed.

Has this “Signature Type” mechanism been standardised via EIP? Are there plans to do so at all?

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We have now posted this as an EIP ->

Started a draft on hackmd

Hey all sorry for the lack of response!

Will check out your docs. We believe we were the only ones really making use of this but happy it is being driven towards a standard. We have made changes for v3 to be compatible with EIP-1271.

AFAIK there is no consensus of how to “serialize” the signature into those bytes to determine what type it is. Let me check out your PRs. Also hop into our discord or slide into our dms if you want to chat in real time on this.