Staking from TrustWallet - dApp removed

TrustWallet removed dApps from its iOS wallet. I was staking ZRX from it. How to get or unstake my tokens?

I am in the same situation as you hishak. Anyone out there got any ideas on what to do? I cannot download the Android version of TrustWallet as am only on iOS. All help very gratefully received.

What I ended up doing (to eventually ‘unstake’ and get back my ZRX tokens:

  1. Install Metamask
  2. Select the fox icon in your browser and ‘logout’.
  3. Select the fox icon again and at the bottom select ‘import using account seed phrase’.
  4. Enter your 12 word seed phrase (TrustWallet recovery phrase).
  5. This should give you access via Metamask to your wallet. In my case most coins did not appear.
  6. No problem. Really only want to add ZRX to Metamask wallet. Mine showed zero balance as it was ‘staked’.
  7. Now go to and connect to your Metamask wallet.
  8. In my case I stopped staking. Waited until next epoch to see my ZRX tokens unstaked. Even though unstaked, they don’t go back to your wallet. Need to do that manually (next step).
  9. Last step is to ‘withdraw’ any ETH rewards and also ‘withdraw’ ZRX tokens to my wallet.
  10. Will show pending in Metamask for a few minutes and then show up in both Metamask and TrustWallet!

Thank you hishak - absolutely brilliant! Will follow your lead…

Hello!! Im having the same problem but I used a Dapp link in the coinbase mobile app which took me directly to … staking.

So, do I use my coinbase recovery phrase in order to import my coinbase portfolio into metamask? As of now I’m clicking on “withdraw” but I dont think its working. IM not sure how much time has elapsed since previous epoch ended and how long before new one begins.
IM so confused :^{

I just want to withdraw my 0x and there’s no support out there.

The above steps are only if you staked from TrustWallet (which doesn’t work any more).
So, if you staked from Coinbase, you should follow normal procedure to connect your Coinbase wallet and then ‘stop staking’ and ‘withdraw’.

Hi. I did that but it wont withdraw. Its like its stuck.

Hopefully you just need to wait until the end of the epoch (assuming it let you ‘stop staking’). Here is the statement form 0x FAQ:

I want to remove my current stake. What should I do?

If you decide to remove your stake, simply go to your account page and click on “remove” from the pools you are staking with. You will need to wait the end of the epoch before being able to withdraw your ZRX, and stake again.

Thank you. You are super helpful.
I could be like, the slowest kid ever in crypto class but yes… It is possible the epoch is not over yet…

I’ll let you know. For all the other slow kids awareness. :woozy_face: