Why was the launchkit frontend removed from github a few days ago? Does anyone have a recent copy i could get today?


Does anyone have a copy of the 0x-launchkit-frontend github repo that was removed?

I’d like to launch a 0x node for my token, but there is no public open-source frontend for doing so.

I really need one before the crowdsale so that I know my users will have a place to trade their tokens. It will make them a lot more comfortable in investing if it’s right on the site. Please help

An old one from two months ago is here: https://github.com/protofire/0x-launchkit-frontend It hasn’t been updated in months and won’t connect to the standard relayer

But I can view Google Cache’s for the 0x one that have issues from only a few days ago: https://github.com/0xProject/0x-launchkit-frontend

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The frontend is still being developed and not yet usable. It was taken down to avoid confusion until it is closer to production-ready.